• Customized Applications

    Customized Applications

    We are in a position to respond to your specific needs. Just tell us your ideas and we will help you to identify a solution.

  • Ceramic honeycombs for heat exchanger applications

    Ceramic honeycombs for heat exchanger applications

    Our ceramic heat exchangers are used among others in the field of regenerative afterburning.

  • Ceramic honeycombs for ventilation systems

    Ceramic honeycombs for ventilation systems

    Our ceramic honeycomb bodies are successfully used in the field of exhaust gas and exhaust air purification technology as well as in room ventilation systems.

  • Pipe bends and pipes made up of Aluminium Oxide

    Pipe bends and pipes made up of Aluminium Oxide

    We offer a wide range of pipe bend and pipes used for removal of abrasive media, application in thermal engineering and furnace building.

  • Isolators made of steatite

    Isolators made of steatite

    When it comes to electrical insulation, the material Steatit C 221 is always a good choice.

  • Regulating wheels

    Regulating wheels

    Owing to their high hardness and abrasion resistance our regulating wheels are particularly well suited to mechanical engineering.

  • Tumbling mills

    Tumbling mills

    Ceramic tumbling mills can be used for grinding and mixing processes that contain aqueous and organic solutions as well as dry matters. They are produced solidly out of one piece which prevents gaps and cracks.

  • Ladle


    The crucibles are usually provided with a special coating and are suitable for iron and stainless steel as well as for many non-ferrous metals and precious metals.

  • Spinel with MgO excess

    Spinel with MgO excess

    Within the framework of research and development, we have succeeded in producing a material in the system MgAl2O4 with decisive advantages.

  • Y2O3 ceramics

    Y2O3 ceramics

    Y2O3 is mostly known for its resistance against titan melts.

  • alumina crucible

    alumina crucible

    When it comes to a high purity of the melt, this material is the right choice.