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Customized Applications

The production technologies used by us in the field of special ceramics allowed us to manufacture new products in molds made of materials from our production program at very short notice, at low cost. In doing so, we attach great importance to responding as well as possible to the ideas and wishes of our customers.

As an example, the production of a ladle for metals according to customer requirements:

Many users who have years of experience in dealing with ceramic crucibles also have ideas to improve them. Often, even small changes have positive effects on the casting process. To enforce this with the supplier is often difficult or impossible.

Benefit from the experience of our mold and model building! Together with the variety of materials we have available, we will find your solution together:

1. You provide us with a template (sample, sketch, drawing)

2. We offer you a product based on the most suitable material for your application (e.g. a sample production incl. 10 crucibles)

3. You test these crucibles and bring the knowledge gathered here into a subsequent series production

Original Model form

plaster-mold-with-blank Fired crucible

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