About us

Technical Ceramics Made to Measure

We specialise in developing and manufacturing of technical ceramics with special focus on operation in highly challenging environments.


As a specialist in this field, we concentrate above all on particularly demanding conditions of use. Our customers appreciate our high level of flexibility and the extensive expertise that we bring to our business partners. In combination with our wide range of materials, we can quickly find an optimal and sustainable solution for difficult conditions.

Our main production line concentrates on manufacturing honeycomb heat exchangers for exhaust air and waste gas purification.This is how we contribute to a cleaner environment.

Furthermore, our comprehensive technical expertise lets us develop special ceramic applications for chemical plants, grinding machines, manufacturing of insulating bodies, communications engineering as well as the glass industry, and jewellery and dental casting. We create intelligent alternatives to metals and plastics.

We guarantee consistent quality management. We are certified by Quality Austria - Trainings, Zertifizierungs und Begutachtungs GmbH to DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001 thus ensure the consistently superior quality of our products while meeting high environmental and energy standards.

In dealing with each other, we pay attention to friendly behavior, team spirit and helpfulness to ensure the best possible working atmosphere for each individual employee. We are a member of the Association of the Ceramics Industry and subject to the scope of the collective agreement for the fine ceramic industry in the new federal states.

Our history

More than 125 Years of tradition


Porzellanfabrik Hermsdorf was founded in 1890. We have been producing technical ceramics at this site for more than 100 years.


An important highlight in the company history was the construction of the Delta petticoat insulator in 1897, which in those days was considered a revolutionary concept for building high-voltage insulators.


The 1930s witnessed the construction of the long-rod insulator and the introduction of steatite as ceramic material for insulation. Over many years the diverse properties and applications of technical ceramics have resulted in the discovery of new material and product groups.


In the year 2000, we stopped producing high-voltage insulators and started focusing on the current product range. Today, we are a medium-sized enterprise with more than 100 employees.