Crucibles for Linn casting machines

Linn-crucibles for casting machines

We have been producing crucibles and special parts for Linn High Therm casting machines for many years. These are manufactured, among other things, in the materials LT, LQ, L-SiC and LA and are characterized by high temperature and change resistance. This is combined with very good chemical resistance to a wide variety of metals. Examples of these casting and remelting crucibles are the types DKV-2, SKV-2, SKQ-1 or UTK-1. In principle, all ceramic crucibles for the systems HFS-3, Minitherm, Vakutherm, Platicast, Hotcast, Lifumat and Supercast are available. Special parts such as muffle inserts, insert plates, coil inserts or protective tubes are also part of our production program.

If you have any questions, especially about these products, please do not hesitate to contact our head of production and development, Mr. Leipold.