Special Ceramics

Intelligent Alternatives to Metals and Plastics

New procedures and production technologies today require the use of highly wear-resistant components. They must be able to withstand mechanical and chemical attacks or operate reliably on a low-maintenance level in high-frequency ranges.

Thanks to their diverse properties, ceramics have become an increasingly popular alternative to metals and plastics.

We offer our customers products made to measure, for application in areas with those specific conditions. Our customers can rely on our expertise in construction, material selection and production techniques that stems from 120 years of experience in the industry. We offer a varied range of silicate and oxide ceramics with different material systems and their modifications. Our own mould and prototype construction facilities provide an important foundation for the optimal use of our casting technology.

Finishing processes like grinding, cementing, gluing, reinforcing or metallising provide a wide range of possibilities for shaping and completing of the ceramic components.

Also items manufactured in small batches, or even individually, are likely to make economic sense because of their high wear, temperature and deformation resistance.

We manufacture products from: